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O Forks

So, this last weekend I decided to have a "Twilight weekend getaway", going up to Port Angeles, Forks, and La Push. Aaaaaand I've got tons to show you!! :D
It was like one big Twilight teasure hunt, really. The entire way we listened to song's from Stephenie's soundtrack lists. :)

To start out, here's my road map. This was the biggest/longest trip I have ever done on my own. And yayyy it was for Twilight!

We (my cousin Jamaica and I) tried our very best to find as many things as we could from Twilight/New Moon. We did a lot of "this could be where Bella/Edward/someone was!" Also, the whole entire time we were saying "Oh my god! This is going to look so cool on the forum!" So, I really do hope that you all like these :)
(sorry if they're kind of big; I like detail)

(The road to Forks)
We were kind of excited that it was raining on the way to Forks, because it was kind of like how it was when Charlie first picked Bella up from the airport to drive her home. :)

We found the school!@

(Edward walked down these halls :D)

We found the cafeteria!
Bella and the other kids (Mike, Jessica, etc) probably would have sat on this side.

Aaaaand way over here on this side...

The Cullens probably would have sat at that center circle table, there on the end. And Alice would throw her untouched lunch away at that trash can right there.

(The football field where no one to our knowledge [book-wise] bothers going to)

Prom--the gym. )Hard to see, sorry. It was dark in there.

(possibly, to the best of our finding) The bench where Edward carries Bella in his arms to, during prom/the end of the book.

We figured this would have been where Jessica, Angela, and Bella went to go look for dresses, considering how big of a store it is. But, as it turns out, they don't have any dresses. So, it's either this place:

Or this one (which does have dresses):

Bella went off looking for a book store; she found of about spiritual healing/other wierd stuff:

Warehouses, where Bella ended up after looking for a bookstore:

The alley where Edward saved Bella from the creepy-rape guys. (well, the closest thing we could find)

Then they went to Bella Italia. :D

As it turns out, Bella Italia doesn't have mushroom ravioli, or any ravioli at all for that matter. So, we went across the street to a place called Michael's.
We had a "Twilight Dinner" of 1 cheese ravioli and 2 pepsi's. (We split our dinner due to $$ and also, we only wanted to have as much as they had in the book. :D)

"A table for two?.... Perhaps something more private?

Some Edward inspired driving. :D tee hee.

Yeah, yeah. Dangerous, I know. but I was really excited for going that fast.

On our way to La Push.

Welcome to First Beach.

A little something for Billy Black to freak out about.

When Bella joined the big group to go down to La Push and they all sat around a driftwood fire... maybe this one was it :D

We took a nap in La Push. This is what I woke up to.

Someone stacked rocks there, so I decided to add my own stack. If any of you go there, you should do it too. :D

Baaack in Forks, the closest thing to Emmett's big jeep that I could find. This one's nothing in comparison, I bet.

Charlie's cruiser! (We had to get directions to find the police station. "Turn right at the stop light and go down 4 blocks." "Which stoplight?" "There's only one." hahaha I thought it was really funny. By the looks of it, Forks only has 2 cruisers, only one with lights on top, 1 SUV police car, and 1 dented up ambulance.)

Carisle's work!

Moving on to New Moon... we wanted to get our film developed at Thriftway, like Bella did. But, it costs over $10 and it's not even 1 hour! So, we had to ditch that idea.

Jessica and Bella went up to Port Angeles to watch a movie.

Then started walking to McDonald's.

But then Bella stopped and started walking towards a bar.. where she first heard Edward's voice. :)

and then to bring it all to an end, we wanted to go on a walk through the woods, like Bella did that one time (and also when Edward left) but Forks didn't have as many trees as we had hoped. So, we went on one in Port Angeles instead. We thought we were taking the "2.7 Peabody Loop" but... somehow we took a wrong trail and ended up doing nearly 7 miles. It was crazy. I'm never have to walk again in my life.

It was sooo much fun!!! Forks was fun for taking pictures, but then a little dull after that. La Push is amazing, and filled with really nice people. La push has more police vehicles than Forks, and they're HUGE SUV's too. lol

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